Friday, August 27, 2010

Durty Nelly's 082610

smithereens - blood & roses
james - say something
love and rockets - no new tale to tell
blur - there's no other way (req)
jamc - head on (req)
fyc - johnny come home
call - let the day begin (rip micheal been)
naked eyes - promises promises (req)
abc - poison arrow (req)
phantom, rocker & slick - men without shame (req)
big country - in a big country (req)
supreme love gods - fire
the rave ups - positevly lost me
queen - radio gaga
dessau - isolation
soup dragons - divine thing (req)
clash - train in vain
happy mondays - step on (req)
material issue - valerie loves me (req)
cabaret voltaire - i want you
new order - love vigilantes
joy division - means to an end (req)
revenge - pineapple face
a-ha - the sun always shines on tv
rem - orange crush
general public - tenderness (req)
baltimora - tarzan boy
ministry - just like you
nin - head like a hole
nitzer ebb - lightning man
dead or alive - you spin me
falco - vienna calling
talk talk - it's my life
depeche mode - just can't get enough
mighty lemon drops - inside out
joy division - digital (req)
belin - metro (req)
duran duran - girls on film
house of love - shine on
midnight oil - beds are burning
love and rockets - so alive
human league - fascination
the farm - groovy train
a split second - rigor mortis
oingo boingo - dead man's party
kon kan - i beg your pardon
shamen - move any mountain
pil - seattle
talking heads - once in a lifetime
tears for fears - mad world
therapy? - screamanger
david bowie - fashion
talking heads - psycho killer
killing joke - eighties
joy division - she's lost control
pixies - debaser
replacements - i can't hardly wait
blondie - blondie
cure - in between days
doctor and the medics - spirit in the sky
information society - what's on your mind
depeche mode - enjoy the silence
contagion - scratch
tmbg - instanbul
revco - beers steers & queers
fishbone - party at ground zero
howard jones - what is love (req)
kitchens of distinction - mad as snow

Friday, August 20, 2010


Durty Nelly's

Social d – ball and chain
Black grape – kelly’s heroes
Ned’s atomic dustbin – gray cell green
Blur – parklife
Beloved – hello
Wall of voodoo – far side of crazy
JAMC – april skies
BAD – bottom line
Catherine wheel – judy staring at the sun
Blur – there’s no other way
FNM – we care a lot
The fall – why are people grudgeful
Camper van Beethoven – take the skinheads bowling
Young gods – skin flower
Nitzer ebb – I give to you
Gary clail – human nature
Stereo mcs – connected
White town – your woman
Visage – fade to grey (req)
Ministry – over the shoulder
Joy division – dead souls (req)
Peter Shelley – homosapien
EATBM – lips like sugar
Morrissey – suedehead
Joy division – love will tear us apart (req)
Clan of xymox – mosquito
Stone roses – wanna be adored
James – laid
Pulp – common people
Elastica – connected
Charlatans UK – the only one I know
English beat – mirror in the bathroom
General public – tenderness
Clash – London calling
Dépêche mode – policy of truth
New order – truth faith
Sinead o’connor – emperor’s new clothes
Yaz – nobody’s diary
Industry – state of the nation
Bowie – sound & vision
Pixies – monkey gone to heaven
Siouxsie – cities in dust
Human league – don’t you want me
Animotion – obsession
FGTH – relax
The cure – just like heaven
Dead milkmen – punk rock girl
Tom tom club – genius of love
PIL – this is not a love song
Duran duran – reflex
Gang of four – damaged goods
Tin tin – kiss me (req)
Altered images – don’t talk to me about love
The cult – she sells sanctuary
Concrete blonde – still in Hollywood
Killing joke – wardance
Kitchens of distinction – drive that fast
Social d – bad luck
Iggy – lust for life
a-ha – the sun always shines on tv (req)
the cure – a forest (req)
erasure – a little respect (req)
HF – axel F (req)
Joy division – love will tear us apart (req)
Killing joke – love like blood (req)
Siouxsie – kiss them for me (req)
Abc – poison arrow (req)
Spandau ballet – true (req)
Book of love – I touch roses (req)
Peter Murphy – cuts you up (req)